Social Media Management

All the training in the world won’t give you the one thing you really need, more time! Creating content, scheduling posts and answering questions can be a lot to take on, especially when you’ve got a lot of other things to manage.

Social media management is critical in the success of your brand. If you aren’t leveraging your social media networks and digital content, your competitors are.

Social networking has emerged as one of the most strategic ways to create new relationships, enhance your brand,  engage your target audiences, and spread information quickly and cost-effectively. Chatterbox Social Co’s team of social media experts are here to help achieve your communications goals.

You may be too busy to set up branded social media pages, redevelop your website, or leverage networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Twitter. You may not have the expertise to manage these effective tools for disseminating breaking news, strengthening your brand and positioning yourself as a thought leader in your field.

And that’s okay! We can help! We have the expertise and multimedia savvy to get your social media management done for you. Whatever your goal, we work to raise the visibility of your news and reinforce your messages with digital audiences. Our goal is to advance your public relations objectives, engage key audiences and deliver measurable results.

Chatterbox Social Co’s Social Media Management entails:


Leave the content creation and curation to us! Once we’ve determined the optimal posting times and frequency that works best for your audience, we will begin queuing up posts and have content ready to go.


People ask a lot of questions. We’ll be the first responder and work with you to get any additional information that may be needed to get the answers to questions.


We will take care of organizing, setting up & running your giveaways and promotions. These are always great ways to get creative, create brand awareness, generate leads and grow your following.

Social Media is a conversation – and it’s happening with or without you.

Our social media management strategy includes three major social media disciplines: social listening, social analytics and social engagement. Social listening is analyzing the current social response about your brand. Social analytics will help organize the social media chatter and present new marketing ideas. Social engagement is the act of interacting with customers over social channels. Chatterbox Social Co. will help you take your brand to the next level by listening to and analyzing your audience, recognizing their desires and challenges, so you can tailor your marketing to their unique needs.

Limited Availability. Monthly packages begin at $375 per platform.