Lead Generation

Generating new leads through Facebook ads can significantly improve visibility, drive sales, and grow your business online. But getting the most out of your Facebook ad spend requires significant knowledge and experience with the Facebook Ads Manager platform. Facebook is a pay-to-play game, and you can’t “set it and forget it.” A successful Facebook advertising campaign requires a careful strategy and consistent testing to find the right combination of targeting, content and creative, as well as the budget needed to engage your ideal customers.

The team at Chatterbox Social Co. knows the ins and outs of Facebook advertising and has a proven record of helping brand drive results on the social media platform that quickly scale, resulting in increased engagement, new leads and ultimately new customers. Our talented team of social media experts and creative designers know what it takes to develop and implement effective social media ad campaigns for small businesses.

Based on your company’s unique goals, we’ll work together to choose the best ad formats for your business, then create and design branded ads with compelling copy that appeals to your ideal customer. Through precise audience targeting, we’ll ensure your ads are served to those who are most likely to be interested in your brand. We’ll then monitor and test different ad elements to optimize performance and drive growth.


Facebook has more than 2 billion active daily users, more than any other platform. The average user checks their account 8 times per day.


More than 39% of Facebook users follow a page to receive special offers and information. Over 42% communicate with brands regularly.


With so many users online, your target audience is out there waiting, a great strategy can help you reach them.

Facebook Marketing That Works

Facebook Ad Audience Targeting

No matter how awesome your ad content is, it won’t be effective unless your ads are placed in front of the right audience. If you are not utilizing Facebook’s ad targeting features to reach your ideal audiences, then you are most likely wasting your time and money on getting clicks from consumers who are not likely to be a good fit for your brand. Facebook helps you reach the consumers who are most likely to be interested in your company’s product or service offering by allowing you to select ad audiences based on information about your ideal customers, which can include details like demographics, interests, and behaviors.

The team at Chatterbox Social Co. has significant experience in developing detailed and creative Facebook ad audiences that help our clients better reach and engage with their ideal customers. We’re also experts at retargeting, allowing your company to reach back out to existing leads who have already shown an interest in your brand to give you another chance to close the sale. We leverage Audience Insights to better understand your target audiences and connect with even more people who will love your business.


Facebook Ad Formats

Facebook offers a variety of options to help you tell your brand story through different Facebook ad formats. Whether you want to use a photo, video, slideshow, carousel, or collection of images, your company has the ability to choose the best format to showcase your brand and deliver your message in a way that really makes an impact on your target audience.

Chatterbox Social Co. provides both guidance on the most effective ad formats to meet your campaign goals as well as creative ad development services to ensure that your Facebook ads are making the right impact on your ideal consumers. Our creative team has a track record of crafting professional ad designs that capture the attention of our clients’ target audiences and make a lasting impression.


Facebook Ad Design

Through our extensive experience with managing hundreds of thousands of dollars in Facebook ad campaigns, our team has identified best practices for how Facebook ad creative should look and feel to attract the target consumer and make the right impression. Using your existing style guidelines, we create compelling creative that we know will make the best impact on your target audience. Our team will create custom, branded, landing pages and ads to provide a seamless conversion experience for your target audience.



A picture may be worth a thousand words, but your brand still needs to develop engaging ad copy that can help your target audience better understand your story and what your brand has to offer. Your approach to ad copy will depend on what your ad campaign goals are and where your target consumers are in their buyer’s journey. If your goal is to build brand awareness, you may focus more on customer challenges and brand value. Whereas if your goal is to increase sales, then your ad copy may be focused on the characteristics or benefits of your company’s products or services.

As part of our Facebook marketing services, our team develops compelling ad copy that is optimized for conversions. With our extensive experience in creating and implementing successful Facebook ad campaigns, our team has discovered what types of ad content drive the most conversions. The creative professionals at Chatterbox Social Co. are skilled at creating compelling ad copy that captures your audience’s attention while telling your unique brand story and showcasing your distinct value.


A/B Testing

A/B testing is one of the best ways to determine how to make improvements to your Facebook advertising campaign to enhance performance. Though A/B testing can help you make smarter decisions about your Facebook advertising strategy, you need to have knowledge and experience with Facebook ad campaigns and landing page design to effectively develop A/B tests, analyze your results, and make data-driven decisions about your Facebook ad campaign strategy.

Chatterbox loves data! We go the extra mile to strategically develop Facebook ad and landing page A/B tests and create different A/B variants to determine whether our clients are getting the best possible results. After deciding on which variables to test, our team will run different A/B tests for your Facebook ads and landing page variants to determine how each variable performs.

Once completed, we’ll gather and analyze the information to see where we might be able to make improvements. This information helps to make data-driven decisions about your Facebook ad strategy and implementation ensuring that we do all that we can to help your brand find success on Facebook.


Analytics and Optimization

The only way to determine if you are getting a return on your investment in Facebook advertising is to track the results of your campaigns over time and analyze these results based on your key performance indicators (KPIs). These measurements can not only help you understand if you are meeting your goals and getting a positive ROI, but it can also help inform your future Facebook ad strategy. By determining which campaigns were most successful, you’ll discover what types of ads and ad elements are most effective with your target audience, which helps you make positive changes to your Facebook campaign strategy.

The team at Chatterbox Social Co. closely tracks conversions and events for each of our clients’ Facebook ad campaigns. We then go one step further and use the information we’ve gathered through analytics to run experiments and make data-driven decisions on how to optimize ad delivery. Once we know how to improve your Facebook ads, we will make changes to the ad content, landing pages and other variables based on what we find through analytics and testing.

Our goal is to help each of our clients optimize their Facebook ad campaigns and get the best ROI. Through our lead generation expertise and Facebook ad optimization services, we will make sure that you get the most out of your ad spend by using real-time data to make intelligent decisions about your marketing efforts.

Lead Generation Services begin at $1,000